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PGC Greens are better because....
A PGC Bent Grass green isn't natural grass, but it's the next best thing!  First of all, the
fibers used in PGC Greens are finer and softer than those in other artificial greens.  Combine
this with our unique infill, and our greens deliver
a more realistic bounce, a more realistic
roll,  and a more effective practice surface
than any other synthetic green available today.
*PGC Bent Grass systems are installed by
5-Star PGC Certified Dealers.

*Exclusive infill, groomed into the turf, causing
fibers to stand upright and separate.

*Weather-resistant materials and installation

*Low relative cost in comparison to a natural
grass putting surface.
*Every PGC Bent Grass system meets the high
standards meant for customer satisfaction.

*Gives the PGC Bent Grass system its grass-like
the qualities for true bounce and roll characteristics.
*Means the PGC Bent Grass system needs only
2-3 hours of maintenance per year.

*Makes the PGC Bent Grass system a great value
for most golfers who take their game seriously.
3 things that make PGC Bent Grass superior:
1.  The Base -

The PGC Bent Grass turf system is constructed over a two-layer flex base that provides stable support,
drains quickly, and won't crack from freezing or expanding soils.  The putting surface can even be
designed with contours and undulations for uphill, downhill, and breaking putts.

2.  The Turf -

PGC Bent Grass turf is a specialized product manufactured from fibers specifically designed to simulate
the softness, texture, density, and color of natural bent-grass.  PGC Bent Grass turf is manufactured to
precise specifications in order to create a putting surface that is truly realistic and performs just like a
natural bent-grass green.  PGC Bent Grass turf, and the fiber used to make it, were developed by and
manufactured exclusively for The Putting Green Company.

3.  The In-fill System

The PGC Bent Grass system integrates a unique in-fill system into the fibers of the turf which creates a
natural feel in the putting surface.  Other greens are filled with ordinary sand which causes the putting
surface to compact and harden over time.  The PGC in-fill's an exclusive product made from a
specifically formulated blend of round quartz which is designed to keep the putting surface soft and
Base Rock
Turf with infill
Major advantages of PGC Bent Grass
Superior Performance - Unlike most artificial surfaces, a PGC Bent Grass green will actually hold
a shot, just like a natural grass green!  When chipping onto the green, the ball will actually check up.  
With backspin, you can even make a ball stop or back up.  
It's amazing!

Unbelievable true roll - The most unbelievable thing about a PGC Bent Grass green is the way
a ball rolls on it, and this you simply have to see to believe.  The ball will roll true and at an even pace at
fast or slow stemp speeds.

Low Maintenance - Having a PGC Bent Grass Putting green is the perfect solution for any golfer
who doesn't have much time.  In the convenience of your own backyard you can practice your short
game whenever you want, plus have a lot of fun with friends and family.  The greatest thing about a
PGC Bent Grass green is you won't have to spend all your time mowing, watering, and fertilizing, and
you won't have to sacrifice performance to have a low maintenance putting green at your home.

5-Star Certified Dealer - Our PGC Bent Grass putting green system is installed by 5-Star
Certified Dealers (
Lorenz is a 5-Star Certified Dealer)
Questions & Answers
Q.  Can a PGC Bent Grass green have contours and undulations?
A.  Absolutely.  The PGC in-fill in the green anchors the turf in place and will cause the putting green to
conform to just about any slope or contour.

Q.  Why shouldn't I install a natural grass green, like the ones at the local
golf club?
A.  Most people simply don't understand or appreciate the amount of effort and money that goes into
constructing and maintaining a real grass green.  A good number of our customers have actually
replaced their natural grass greens with our PGC Bent Grass turf.

Q.  What are the size limitations of a PGC Bent Grass green?
A.  Your green can be custom designed to any size and shape imaginable.  We                                
recommend that you try to minimize material waste by sizing the green according                                     
to standard turf roll dimensions.

Q.  How does the PGC Bent Grass green system playing performance
compare to natural grass?
A.  You've got to see it to believe it!  Our greens roll and react to a shot just like a natural grass green.

Q.  How long will a PGC Bent Grass green last?
A.  The fibers used in PGC Bent Grass are UV treated and designed to resist the harmful effects of
rain, snow, ice, and sun.  With proper care, your green can last up to 20 years or more.
LORENZ is a 5-Star Certified
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