Custom Built Courts
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The Better Way To Play
The Ultimate Sports Surface
Weather Multi-Game Court
Additional Back Yard fun:

Custom Putting greens:  
  •  Synthetic Golf Putting Greens with  optional Chipping Pads, Tee Lines, Target
    Greens, Bunkers, Created at your own desired shape and size.
  •  Join the team of Professional Golfers and Athletes with a Putting Green in Your own
Custom Court + Putting Green = BACKYARD FUN !!!!
Suspended Tennis Court Advantage

  •  Easy and fast to install on any existing or new court
(One day or less per court)

  •  No resurfacing or painting ever       
(Covers existing cracks and chipped surfaces)

  •  Shock absorbing surface  
(Cushioned effect extends fatigue-free playing time)  

  •  Improves game performance
(Balls rebound better, easier line calls, no skid on lines)

  •  No pools or puddles on court                              
(All weather, self draining surface)

  •  Much lower surface temperatures in summer
(Cooler than Asphalt or Concrete)       
game courts
composed of  
10" x 10" tiles
The All-Weather Multi-Game Court by VersaCourt

Provide your Family, Friends and Neighbors with your favorite family sports, enjoyable exercise and a
place to watch your children grow in your own backyard.  Adding a Multi-Game Court to your home will
give you peace of mind.  Play Basketball, Badminton, Paddle Tennis, Pickleball, Roller Hockey, Soccer,
volleyball and more.  Our all-weather sports surface helps protect against injuries.  Enjoy the comfort
of knowing where the children are and keeping them active and safe on a Multi-Game Court by
VersaCourt.  There are no limits to the fun you and your family can have on our court.

The VersaCourt  Sport Surface was originally invented and patented based on an orthopedic surface
concept of reducing both lateral and vertical stresses for the sole purpose of providing a Fatigue
Reducing and Impact Absorbing Game Court.

The VersaCourt also provides benefits such as: Improved Game Performance, Lower Surface
Temperature, No Standing Water and Reduced Maintenance.  The VersaCourt Multi Game Backyard
Court is Easy To Install, and Backed by a 10 year Limited Warranty.

Lorenz Construction offers a full turnkey installation services and all items to enhance your multi-
sports court: goal systems, hoops fencing, net systems, lighting, and more.

VersaCourts All-Weather Sports Court can be customized and designed to fit your home and landscape

A complete court built on your site typically includes:

  •  Grading
  •   4"Steel Reinforced Concrete Pad
  •   Single or Double Adjustable Basketball Hoop with      Clear Acrylic Backboard and Break
    Away Goal based on court size
  •   Heavy Duty Tennis / Volleyball net with Adjustable   Winch System
  •   Single or Double 1500 Watt Light Source based on court size on 18' Powder Coated Steel Pole
  • 10' x 20' Multi-Game Rebound Net System at End
  • Vinyl Coated Chain Link or Ball Containment netting fencing - 10' high ends, with wings
  • VersaCourt Tile, Single or Multi Colors     

A Custom VersaCourt Backyard Court is available in any custom size or shape to fit your needs

SAMPLE SIZES:  25' x 25',  25' x 30,  25 x 35',  30' x 30',  30' x 35',  30' x 50',  30' x 60',  35' x 70',  40'
x 80',  50' x 100', 60' x 120'

Lorenz Construction also sells all the components and sport & game equipment needed   for the
do it yourself court builde
30 x 60 Paddle
Tennis &
50' x 102 'Tennis court
30 x 35 Basketball Court
20 x 25 Basketball Court
Full Court basketball & Volleyball
84' x 50' Basketball & Volleyball
Any Shape, Any Size
Triangle Shaped Basketball  
Multi  Game Court
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